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Various Types of Air Filters That All Buyers Must be Aware of

Using the right air filters is crucial for ensuring healthy indoor air quality. This article highlights various air filters, and respective technologies that are utilized to make our office and homes a safer and better place to breathe.

Meet the Pre-Filter

This predominant type of filter is works in close junction with HEPA filters. The entire function of a pre-filter is to block majority of the large particles contaminating the air. This air filter is entirely made up of either nylon or foam, and can be washed repeatedly and allows many of your primary filters to last longer.

The HEPA Technology

An acronym for High Efficiency Particulate Air, it has become one of the most common and effective filter technology for residential and commercial spaces.. For a filter to truly classify as a HEPA filter, it needs to operate at an efficiency of 99.97% and catch all particles that are larger than 0.3 microns. These particles are often invisible to naked eye, since our eye can detect only about 10 microns or bigger particles. Hence, HEPA filters are effectively able to filter particles such as bacteria, chemicals, and viruses.

Activate Carbon Layers

Essentially working as an air filter, it is a form of carbon that has been processed so that it can become extremely porous and make it able to have a large area for absorption. During WWII it was used to purify water and take the color out of sugar.

It was later discovered as a good device for protecting soldiers as part of gas mask. The primary use of them is to remove odors from the indoors and remove Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) such as fumes from cooking, tobacco smoke, ozone, and smog. However, it is important to know that working alone they are quite ineffective in the removal of allergens and dust particles in air. They are best used in combination with a HEPA air filter making them a killer combination for unsafe and unhealthy air.

UV Technology

An effective technology in killing bacteria and viruses, it is best used in front of lamps. They are often used in many technologically advanced purifying devices as the last stage of filtration after a HEPA filter and layer of activated-carbon. The UV air purifier uses the light from a lamp to convert molecules of water and oxygen and into hydroxyl and ozone, which interact with harmful particles and destroy them into harmless components.


The last and final air filter on our list makes uses of chemical injections to clean the surrounding air. The devices use negative charges that cause dust particles gain a charge and be collected. A technology that may seem extremely advanced, however, ionizers have proven to be less than effective when compared to the other option available.

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Water heaters come in a variety of shapes and sizes. There are also a variety of water heater brands making it quite a task to make a perfect choice when shopping for water heaters. But then some still stand out. While searching for the water heater to purchase for a client who just bought a new home. Water heater reviews of these particular products and in-depth information is needed to convince buyers on reasons why water heaters are important and why this particular product should come to mind before any other.

As a Professional Plumber, I have come to realize that like all other products to be installed in a home or hotel, water heaters also need to be maintained.

According to, maintenance plays an important role as it not only ascertains longevity but also determines just how much value we are able to get out of our equipment.

Getting The Water Heater Ready For Use.

Getting the water heater ready for use would require certain simple steps which you need to adhere to like : Ensuring that the power is turned off when not in use. To turn off the supply of water to the water heater, close the faucet on the cold water compartment (located right at the top right of the water heater).

To relieve air pressure, turn on a hot water faucet in the house.There is a drainage faucet at the base of the water heater, let some water out of the water heater through this drainage faucet. While getting the water heater ready for use, ensure it is not in use by anyone else.

About The Hexhead

Tank type water heaters usually have heads shaped in form of hexagons. This hexagon style head is often easy to locate. But for times when this is not the case, get ready to do the following : Drill not-too-deep holes about 1/4 inches through the metal sheet at top of the water heater. Do not drill these holes directly into the water heater as this would only destroy your water heater.

Once the drilling is done, use a screwdriver preferably or a pen where you have no other option, then try to locate the hex head simply by poking into the drilled hole. Just as soon as you locate the hexhead, peel back the metal sheet with the help of tin snips and then ensure there are no residues or foam and if there are please remove them as soon as possible.

You can either tape the edges of the metal sheet or you can decide to use a hammer to relax the edges so that you never have to risk cutting your hands. Locating the hexhead means also that anode rods often found inside the tank can be easily maintained because these anode rods are actually in the hexhead.

This should be done at an interval of two or three years. Locating the anode rod may be easy as it could be inscribed just on the water heater. In some rare cases, water heaters come with combination anode rods and when this happens, it simply means it is around the hot water release panel which is often at the top of the water heater.

But then, the easiest way to find out the kind of anode rod on your water heater is by poking straight into the hole with objects like a clothes wire. If the clothes wire appears to meet an obstruction in the hole, then you know you are dealing with a combination anode rod. Once established, a pipe wrench should be used to get rid of the combination anode.


Why Is It Important To Maintain Your Water Heater?

It is not common place to find information on water heaters and that is why this particular article comes in handy. With all that has been listed above, your water heater should always be in top shape (assuming all the tips above are put to practice). Adhering to the tips stated here makes your water heater. More durable as it would heat for longer. It also helps you have a problem free water heater and this could be the case for a very long time.  Maintenance is quite cheap and requires simple practices that can be achieved in no time. To carry out maintenance on your water heater, you have to ensure that.  The combustion compartment has no water marks and shows no sign of rusting. The heat chimney panel, which is that long piece of metal that usually points to the ceiling, is also without rust. Where rusting or water accumulation is noticed, ensure to call a professional plumber for a fix or advice on what to do. But then in case of zero rust, you can then be assured that maintenance can be done on the various parts as discussed previously.


Recording All Maintenance Practices Carried Out On The Water Heater.

It is key to note down all maintenance practices carried out on the water heater. For all checks and replacements, it is crucial that you note it all down with dates and one easy way to do this would be to stick a note on the water heater in such a way that its function is not affected.

With all of this to be done, it is also valid that you go for a brand that has been tested and trusted as that is the first step to having an ideal water heater. Being a certified plumber however, makes me an authority figure on this issue and experience has shown that one tested and trusted brand to patronize would be the ‘A O Smith Water Heater.’ I would however advise you go through the water heater reviews of this particular brand before purchase.